Sought-After EIFS Specialist at Your Service


Architectural Review

The devil’s in the details. EIFS details must comply with standards, codes, and best practice.

John Edgar is know for isometric, sequential detailing that takes into account the fact that details occur in three dimensions and should be drawn step by step to account for the interface of different trades. He is an expert in going through architectural drawings and specifications.


Education on EIFS

Experienced public speaker and educator. John combines understanding with a dash of humour to bring EIFS and Building Science to life.

John has spoken extensively in Canada and the USA on EIFS, air moisture barriers, and building science.  He has appeared in his “Dry as a bone” Australian rain coat, hat and Wellingtons to demonstrate that everything he learned about staying dry he learned in Kindergarten.


Evaluation and Research

Trust, but verify. Before anything is installed, code compliance
is required.

Have John assist you in obtaining compliance reports.

It’s simple, unless a product can demonstrate compliance with building codes, no building official can allow it to be installed.


Code Compliance

The absolute minimum level to which you can legally build.

Is the installation, assembly or product being considered, compliant with current building codes and standards.

Building Codes in Canada and the US are considered model codes. When a level of government adopts them, as written or modified, that code becomes the legal requirement for construction within that jurisdiction