I’m John Edgar.
I educate and give technical support
on the correct use and installation of EIFS.

Providing EIFS Education and Technical Support

My Services

Put my 40 years of EIFS experience to work for you.


Architectural Review

The devil’s in the details. EIFS details must comply with standards, codes, and best practice.


Education on EIFS

Experienced public speaker and educator. John combines understanding with a dash of humour to bring EIFS and Building Science to life.


Evaluation and Research

Trust, but verify. Before anything is installed, code compliance
is required.


Code Compliance

The absolute minimum level to which you can legally build.

EIFS Revealed

Resilient – EIFS have been used for over 50 years in all climate zones from the arctic to equator. Whether the climate is hot and dry, cool and wet, or extreme hurricane conditions, EIFS have proven resiliency. EIFS work – period.

My Expertise

John has been involved in EIFS standard development at ASTM and ANSI in the United States and UL Canada fire test (ULC S134) and EIFS standard development in Canada.

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How to Think About Sealant Joints

Sealant joints are, in fact, a separate cladding assembly – long and thin – that need to be designed and installed just like all other cladding assemblies1. The joint should have a structural waterproof air barrier behind and a drained backer rod and sealant out front. Sealant joints around a structure create a spider-web maze of…
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